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Zahra Mostafavi


The following is the text of the speech of SDPN's Secretary General, Zahra Mostafavi in a pro-Palestinian conference held in Indonesia on the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.


Excellencies, the honorable participants, Ladies and Gentlemen
 While I would like to thank you for your participation at this conference which encompasses   seeking for justice and righteousness and humanity, I would like to share a few words with you.
 To begin with I would like to express my congratulations on the auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of Hazrat Nabi Akram (SWA) which also coincides with the anniversary of the first Intifada of the Palestinian nation.

The late Imam Khomeini who was the founder of the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic of Iran   was the innovator of new practical ways for fighting against Zionism and the Israeli Regime and the tyrannical regime of Pahlavi. During his fourteen years in exile in both Turkey and Najaf, Iraq, he did not remain silent rather; he continued to warn of   the oppressions perpetrated against the people both inside the country and by the foreign colonies and invited people to solidarity for fight against the enemy. During his entire blessed life he never neglected the issue of Palestine.
 Today’s general polices of the Islamic Republic of Iran are based on his expectations which include people who advocate truth and justice, seek peace,   fight against Israel and support the rightful and natural right of the Palestinian nation.
50 years ago ,that is 10 years prior to the great victory of the Islamic Revolution  in Iran ,Imam Khomeini had warned of this cancerous tumor and addressing the Islamic nations and states had stated :' I have many a times invited the Islamic states to solidarity and brotherhood against the aliens and their friends who intend to enslave and colonize our countries by sowing discord among the Muslims and Islamic states and benefit from their spiritual and material resources. I have continually warned the governments, especially the government of Iran  of Israel and it's allies,this corrupt essence which has been replaced at the heart of the Islamic states supported by super powers and it's corrupt roots are threatening the Islamic countries each day.It must be uprooted through the efforts of the Islamic states and the great Muslim nations as it is essential for the Islamic nations and states to destroy it.Any form of assistance to Israel either by selling arms or explosives or selling oil is Harram and is in enmity with Islam.The Muslims must also avoid purchasing any items from Israel. I seek the  help of the Almighty God for the victory of Islam and all the Muslims
Dear Participants
Now that we look back at the hundred years of Balfour Declaration, we can clearly witness the hands of colonialism in establishing this cancerous tumor within the heart of the world of Islam and the crimes perpetrated by the Zionists agents to this day i.e. the Takfiris continue within the region which indicate the preplanned schemes and conspiracies of the oppressors over the people of this region.
The victories of the resistant movement during the past two decades leading to the expelling of Zionism from South of Lebanon  during the thirty three and fifty one  day wars respectively,  by the divine support and the bravery of the fighters in the frontlines  adds  even greater  and stronger will for  resistance to destroy this cancerous tumor.
We clearly witnessed the defeat of the Zionists in political matters in Durban, South Africa when Zionism was equaled to racism by more than three thousand NGOs   and also the regime’s settlement development was condemned by the UN Security Council in the 2234 resolution in 2016,    all demonstrating the reality that whenever the world expresses its concerns toward the issue of Palestine and the Zionist crimes against them, the entire world consciously condemns this regime.
Respectable participants
We have gathered here to collect our strength and to implement what is the consent of the Almighty Creator, which is to support a nation who are losing their lives under the oppression, occupation, destruction, crime and plunder and are living in severe hardships.

The anti Israeli, anti Zionist  organizations supporting Palestine, who are the friends of the oppressed, and who are freedom seekers and advocate humanity are   too many around the world,  their members  compose a large number, however, the  problem lies in failure to develop an organized mechanism  at global  level  which of course it is not impossible .
 We have already developed a union of non- governmental organizations at global level   with 35 members. Of course there are similar entities dispersed worldwide which  by the grace of the Almighty Allah should all join into a large  global network  in order to follow our human duty in a more effective way.
To my knowledge   and based on what I have been informed of the various organizations working against Israel and who support Palestine worldwide, I would like to hereby announce that we can develop a large network so that through their activities not only the international organizations but also, the governments can be convinced to support Palestine and in this way to increase the friability of Israel.

Dear participants
 I would like to recommend that organizing such conferences would only be effective when it is followed by larger gatherings, to create closer and friendlier ties and to increase more membership in order to have closer collaborations.  Once a conference is held, it should turn into a focal point so that its participants would be guided on the same outline of the conference which I hope this attempt would also be realized in this gathering.
Finally, as the Secretary General of the International Union of NGOS supporting the People of Palestine, I would like to hereby declare our readiness to invite the membership  of other organizations supporting the rights of the People of Palestine  and I hope there will come a day when  through the efforts of you dear brothers and sisters, the Al-Quds Sharif which belongs to all the people of the world will be liberated and the Palestinians will achieve their territorial integrity and  definite rule over their land  and this will  not happen unless we continue to struggle beside them whether  those in displacement or those who are inhabitants of the territory.
Thank you and May the Almighty be with you

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