Monday 10 December 2018

Axis of resistance
has matured

ME analysts


Lebanese analyst, Qalen Qandil says the axis of anti-occupation and anti-Israeli resistance has reached its maturity, adding the current conduct of Saudi Arabia is a reaction to the field and political gains of the anti-occupation resistance.


Qandil said the pro-resistance force must provide a precise planning for the post-victory era so that the gains of the axis of resistance are not lost.



Reflecting the same idea, Lebanese analyst, Anis Naqash said despite the high volume of Saudi conspiracies, this time again it would conceive defeat as they failed in Yemen, Iraq and Syria.


“The political balance in the axis of resistance has been boosted. The axis of resistance has a good understanding for interacting with political and field developments,” Naqash said, adding adequate experience on the part of the resistance force would help it to decide appropriately in sensitive times.


For his part, Lebanese political expert, Talal Etrisi touched on the newer developments in Lebanon and said the reaction of the Hezbollah Secretary General to Sadd Hariri’s resignation was based on a good understanding of the regional developments.



“Hezbollah will certainly keep the Lebanese conditions within its control as its political rationality has absorbed more confidence among people,” he said.


“Hezbollah has always used its weapon against Israel and while many efforts were in place to draw it to the internal conflicts however it never used the arms of resistance in changing the internal equations,” he said.


And, Syrian Ambassador in Tehran, Adnan Mahmoud said the victories of the axis of resistance in Syria were indebted to the leadership of Ayatollah Khamenei.



“No doubt, it was the role of Iran that opened a new prospect before the eyes of the regional nations,” he said.

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