Monday 10 December 2018

Beirut meeting helps
converge on priorities

Mehdi Azizi


A congress of pro-resistance Muslim scholars started work on Wednesday in Lebanon on the 100th anniversary of the ominous Balfour Declaration. The choice of time reminds one of the pains of a nation that has lost all its assets.


The congress has studied the necessity of convergence in the Muslim community. It has also reviewed the latest gains of the axis of resistance in Iraq and Syria.


It seems that the congress is significant partly because of the presence of Muslim elites from all denominations or political affiliations who wish the Palestinian issue to return to its top agenda policy of Muslims after it was sidelined by a scenario of insecurity in the region.


The congress however is far beyond the past developments and rather seeks to caution the Muslim community against the future and advises it to take lesson from the historical experiences.


The title of the congress to has much to speak about. “Palestine between Balfour Declaration and Divine promise;” It actually seeks to drive home the point that the victory of anti-Israeli resistance was a true divine promise. If the discourse of resistance was not in place, the Balfour Declaration might have spread through the Muslim community like a cancer.

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