Monday 10 December 2018

Axis of resistance
to change region

Abdosatar Qasim


Palestinian analyst, Abdosatar Qasim says an axis of resistance, extending from Tehran through Baghdad to Lebanon, is waiting for the Palestinian groups to join.


Qasem wrote in al-Mayadeen website that the axis of resistance has faced off an axis of compromising states that has experienced back to back defeats but is persistent on its run against the axis of resistance.


He said the axis of compromise is called so because it always seeks to keep the status quo relying on its money while the axis of resistance belongs to future. “The one that belongs to the past never could overcome the one that belongs in the future,” he said.


The Palestinian analyst said the defeated axis includes the Zionist regime and its Arab stooges who have supported the regime in many occasions. He also named the 14 March current in Lebanon as another element of the axis, adding however that the axis was led by the US government that “is using its weight for wrecking havoc in the region and helping the Zionist regime through destructive wears.”


Qasem said the axis of resistance started to emerge by the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and extended its power following the formation of Lebanese Hezbollah and its subsequent victory over Israel in 2006.

The Palestinian analyst said the axis was expanded more following the accession of Syria and was got ever more powerful after Iraq joined the axis amid the scourge of the ISIS terror group.


He said the axis of resistance has now turned into a major front that is capable of changing the course of history and the fate of the region.

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