Wednesday 12 December 2018

Nasrallah sets new
strategy on Palestine

Amin Huteit


Hezbollah Leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah actually drawn up a new strategy over the Palestinian issue in his Ashura speech days ago, Lebanese analyst Amin Huteit wrote in al-Bina daily, adding Nasrallah’s speech carried several elements that prompted the pro-Israel western camp to take his views serious.


He said Nasrallah for one thing made it clear that the violating side in the Palestinian issue is not Jews and that there is no problem between Islam and Judaism as divine religions rather the enemy of Muslims, including the Palestinians are the current of Zionism that is unrelated to the Jews.


“Once Jews are separated from the Zionists, the population of the enemies would fall to 5 million from 20 million,” he said, referring to those who live under Israeli identity in the occupied territories of Palestine.


Nasrallah, Huteit said, also noted that those who take part in the fight for the liberation of Palestine would be beyond Palestinians. “The tragedy was when the PLO has monopolized the Palestinian issue and compromised over it in the Oslo talks,” he said, adding Nasrallah’s speech made it clear that the entire camp of pro-resistance forces in the world are the would-be participants of the fight for the liberation of Palestine.


Nasrallah also noted, according to Huteit that the axis of anti-Israeli resistance would never start a war however if Israel dares launch a war, it would face an all-out war. “Now one would find why Nasrallah advised the Israeli public opinion that this is not your war so why should you pay the price?”


Huteit concluded that Nasrallah put straight the approach towards the Palestinian issue and confined enmity in the true enemies of Muslims and Palestine “thus he boosted the equation of strategic deterrence of pro-resistance forces in the region;”

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