Sunday 23 September 2018

Abdullah need not
US permission

Davoud Shihab


Spokesman of the Palestinian movement, Islamic Jihad says the Secretary General of the movement need not to apply for permission from anyone, including the US government for fighting the occupiers of his land.


Davoud Shihab made the remarks in an interview with the Qods News Agency (Qodsna).


Secretary General “Ramadan Abdullah is known for his tireless struggle for the sake of his nation and the Palestinian issue,” Shihab said.


Ramadan Abdullah “complies with fixed values of the Muslim community and the Palestinian nation and would not accept any climb-down from his stance,” the spokesman said, adding the Secretary General has no need to receive permission from the US government or the regional governments in the path.


The spokesman made the remarks in reaction to the US blacklisting of the movement’s leader a day earlier.


Shihab said the move a clear bias towards the Zionist occupiers in trampling down on national freedom movements, adding the move would further encourage the Palestinians to stay the course of their struggle for the freedom of Palestine.

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