Wednesday 19 September 2018

1st int'l meeting on Palestinian youths in Tehran

The meting was named after Palestinian minor, Mohammad al-Durra who was murdered by Israeli troopers when he was taking shield behind his father in a peaceful protest in the occupied West Bank.


An international meeting on solidarity with the Palestinian children was held in Tehran on Thursday.


The meeting was named after Palestinian minor, Mohammad al-Durra who was murdered by Israeli troopers when he was taking shield behind his father in a peaceful protest in the occupied West Bank.



University students and school students from pro-resistance countries in the region were invited to the meeting.


The meeting was inaugurated with the reading out of a statement by Iranian source of jurisprudence, Ayatollah Alawi Gorgani who said the Palestinian ordeal was created by “a group of superficially civilized people who are actually wolf-natured and brutal.”




The statement, read out by former Iranian ambassador to Yemen, Hojatoleslam Aminian said the sort of meetings would encourage the Palestinian nation to stay the course, adding the day will come when the Palestinian nation is rescued from the claws of oppressors.


Next, Secretary General of the International Union of anti-occupation Youths, Abolwasem Rahimian welcomed the participants and said Palestinian youths have a major role in securing the freedom of their land.


Rahimian said Israel has intentionally tightened pressure over Palestinian households in a bid to limit the livelihood of Palestinian youths.


He commemorated the memory of Mohammad al-Durra, adding while the world was shocked by his murdering however it failed to meet its duty of preventing racism and apartheid in Palestine. “Many Palestinian children were murdered after him; we urge the international community to meet its human duty and stand against the Zionists,” he said.


The next to speak in the meeting was University Professor, Mojtaba Rahmandoust who said the Palestinian movement is an international movement, adding the movement was motivated by the Ashura Movement.



“Palestine is the symbol of combat against the incarnate of oppression, Zionism,” he said.


Rahmandoust touched on the Iraqi Kurdistan referendum and said it was made clear that Israel was behind the referendum, adding Israel would finally collapse as it represents falsehood.


Next, a statement by Deputy Hezbollah Secretary General, Sheikh Naim Qasem was read out who called Palestinian youths as large bounties of God.


Qasem said the region was facing the dangerous threat of Zionism, adding Israel was a western project created to alter the culture and fate of the regional nations.


The statement also warned that Palestine was a first stage of the project, adding the project is going to spread the entire region.


The deputy urged the Palestinian youths to take model from al-Durra and keep the path of struggle against Israel.


Next, aide to the Iranian foreign minister, Hossein Sheikholeslam said the Palestinian scene was similar to Karbala.



The aide also said the Palestinian issue was ever more fateful in the regional equation, adding the Islamic revolution of Iran helped field the regional nations against the Zionism.


The final lecturer was representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, Naser Abu Sharif who said Israeli atrocities are committed in the eyes of the self-acclaimed human rights bodies in the world while they fail to adopt any move against the reigme.



Abu Sharif also touched on the Iraqi Kurdistan referendum and said the hand of the Israeli spy agency, Mossad was clear in the referendum, adding Israel had got involved in the referendum in a bid to fan insecurity in the region.


The Palestinian figure called on the youths to realize the project of Zionists for the region and know that peace with Israel was impossible.


“We are going to have to fight against the regime if we wish to live a real life,” he said.

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