Sunday 23 September 2018

New priorities in
Iran-Turkey ties

Hussein Rouyvaran


Iran and Turkey have engaged in a major military cooperation in the face of the common threat of Iraqi Kurdistan secession.


Turkey's cooperation as a Sunni state with the Shia Iran would help foil the US-led conspiracy of religious conflict in the region.


It would also thwart an Israeli ploy for the disintegration of the region.


Turkish President Recept Tayyip Erdogan's remarks that Israel seeks through to set off a campaign of disintegration in the region have pointed to the emergence of a security divide between the two sides in favor of the regional anti-occupation resistance force.


Turkey's joint wargames with Iraq on their common borders too is a major development as Turkey only months ago was refusing an Iraqi demand to leave the Bashiwa base north of Iraq.


The same situation requires Turkey to stand against Syrian separatist Kurds. If turkey meets the requirement, it would set the ground for an understanding between Turkey and the Syrian government and pave the way for ending the Syrian crisis.


There is no doubt that a secession of Iraqi Kurdistan would turn it into a Base for Israel, helping the latter to threaten the security and interests of Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq. Iran and Turkey may then appear to be ready to pay any cost to prevent the likely situation.

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