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Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Tehran heading a high-ranking delegation.


Erdogan has already visited Tehran in April. This time however the visit is more significant in light of the common issues the two countries pursue to resolve, namely the Syrian dossier through Astana meetings, the Iraqi dossier, the Qatar dossier following the Arab states’ sanctions, and the issue of Iraqi Kurdistan region that has emerged as a large security challenge for the two neighboring countries following a separation referendum.


Erdogan visit follows a visit the previous day by the Chief of Turkey’s army staff who discussed common military and security concerns of the two states during his meeting.


Turkey’s new policy of cooperation with Iran was launched after it found its regional policies concerning Iraq and Syria in failure. Previously, Turkey considered Iran as a rival while Iran considered its neighbor as a partner rather than a rival.


Turkey and Iran has high capacities for effective cooperation in terms of historical, economic, geopolitical and security affairs to the extent some analysts believe the two neighbors may determine a new regional system that serves the interests of all regional states. If accomplished, the system may serve as an effective player in the future international system.


It seems that common security dossiers would be the top agendas of Erdogan’s visit. Erdogan is likely to be in Tehran for the finalization of certain military and security decisions adopted by the two sides’ mid-ranking officials in the face of the regional challenges.


Turkey may however be pressed by the US and Israel over the visit as the two have a major influence in various political and military areas in Turkey. Turkish authorities will soon have to decide how to deal with the challenge.



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