Sunday 23 September 2018

new mission



At time when Iraq is going to experience a post-ISIS period and the terror group is no its last legs in Syria, a new mission has been devised for Kurdish leader, Mesut Barzani.


The mission has long been defined for him by Israelis and Americans in a bid to keep the region in an instable status.


Barzani who has ruled over Kurdistan region illegally for the past two years has apparently accepted the mission in order to save his political life and keep influence.


His relations with Israel are no more secret with exchanges between the two sides witnessing a hike in the past few weeks. Israel remains to be the staunchest supporter of the referendum that is seen as a destabilizing force for Iraq and a likely prelude to its disintegration.


Israeli support comes against the position of Kurdistan Islamic Party and several other parties which warn that the referendum would carry dangerous outcomes for the entire region.


Barzani seems to be commissioned with a new project for the destabilization of the region. He is no more a favorable figure among Iraqi Kurds.

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