Monday 21 May 2018

Iran expanding
influence in region

Naser Qandil


Lebanese expert in political affairs, Naser Qandil says Israel would fail to gain guarantees from Russia over Syria or the fate of the Lebanese Hezbollah, arguing that the policy of Syria or Hezbollah was out of reach for Russia.


The analyst wrote in al-Bina daily that Russia also would not endanger its alliance with Syria, Iran and Hezbollah as it involves its higher interests.

“Russia puts the interests ahead of Israeli demands,” Qandil said.


Qandil believed that Israeli media had already admitted to the failure of official Israeli diplomacy concerning Russia and Syria. ‘The time is gone when some used to consider the power of Israel and seek to gain its consent,’ Qandil said, adding the new regional equation may be observed in a recommendation by Russia President Vladimir Putin to Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu that the region is embracing a new order where Hezbollah serves as a natural piece and the enemies of the regional axis of resistance have to go along with the new order.


Qandil added that Iran was expanding its influence in the region at the cost of Israeli growing isolation, adding Saudi too would engage in diplomatic exchanges with Iran following the Hajj ceremonies.


The analyst touched on a proposal by the Syrian President Bashar Assad on the establishment of a n Israel-free, five-sea region by the countries overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Caspian Sea.


“The vision is going to materialize further placing a siege on Israel,” he wrote.

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