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We will return to a liberated Quds at last

The late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the father of the Islamic Revolution worldwide, Imam Khomeini once predicted that Muslims will finally return to a liberated city of al-Quds (‘Jerusalem’) that is currently occupied by Israel.


The late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the father of the Islamic Revolution worldwide, Imam Khomeini once predicted that Muslims will finally return to a liberated city of al-Quds (‘Jerusalem’) that is currently occupied by Israel.

The following are some of quotes of the late personality who rejuvenated pro-Palestinian support in the contemporary history.


Quds (Jerusalem)

Quds is the first Kiblah of Muslims and it belongs to them.

All must know that the superpowers aim in creating Israel does not end in the occupation of Palestine. They plan, Heaven forbid, to extend the fate of Palestine to all Arab countries.

Do not the authorities of the nation see or know that diplomatic talks with history's criminal and powerful politicians cannot save Lebanon, Palestine or Quds and the number of crimes and oppressions increases daily.

We are on the side of the oppressed which-ever pole they may be in. Palestinians are oppressed by the Israelites, therefore we side with them.

We fully support our Palestinian brothers and those of southern Lebanon in their fights against the usurper Israel.

Neither the Iranian Muslim nation, nor any other Muslims and, as a matter of fact, no open-minded individual, will recognize Israel. We shall always support our Arab and Palestinian brothers.

We must all rise, destroy Israel and replace it with the heroic Palestinian nation.

The Quds Day which is coincidental with the Night of Destiny (Lailatul-Qadr) must be revived among the Muslims and be the starting point of their awakening and awareness.

Muslims of the world should regard the Quds Day as All-Muslims Day or the oppressed People's Day.

It is the intonation of Allah-o-Akbar, the cry of our nation, that disappointed the Shah in Iran and the usurpers in Palestine. Essentially, it is the duty of all Muslims to liberate the Quds and remove this nucleus of evil from Islamic lands.

The issue of Quds is not a private or personal issue. It is not the exclusive problem of one country nor a present-day problem of all Muslims. Rather, it is a phenomenon concerning the monotheists and faithful people of all ages-past, present and future.

Quds belongs to the Muslims and must be returned to them.

The Quds Day is the Day of Islam.

The Quds Day is a day in which the destinies of the oppressed nations must to determined.

The Quds Day is a universal day. It is not an exclusive day for Quds itself. It is a day for the oppressed to rise and stand up against the arrogant.

The Quds Day is a day in which Islam is to be revived.

The Quds Day is Islam's Live Day!

The Quds Day which fall on the last days of the God's Great Month (Ramadan) is a proper day on which all Muslims be freed from the bondage of the Big Satan (Great Devil, USA) and other superpowers and join the Infinite Might of God.



I regard supporting the plan for independence of Israel and its recognition a tragedy for the Muslims and an explosion for the Islamic governments.

The usurper state of Israel with the aims it has pose great danger to Islam and the Islamic states.

Brothers and sisters must know that America and Israel are enemies to the fundamentals of Islam.

The foolish idea of greater Israel makes them commit any crime.

Let brotherly Arab nations and the Palestinian and Lebanese brothers know that all their miseries are caused by America and Israel.

Regarding Israel, certainly we shall not help an illegitimate, usurper government which is trespassing the rights of the Muslims and is an enemy of Islam.

Islam and the Muslims and all international standards regard Israel as a usurper and aggressor and we do not approve the least negligence in terminating its aggressions.

I have often said and you have heard me say that Israel will not settle for these agreements for it regards the Arab domination over territories from the Nile to the Euphrates as usurpation.

Israel must be eradicated from the page of history.

It is incumbent on every Muslim to arm himself against Israel.

Those who support Israel must realize they are nurturing a pit viper up their sleeves.

Do not support Israel, this enemy of Islam and Arabs for this listless viper will have no mercy on you, young or old if it gets within your reach.

It is necessary that all freedom-loving peoples of the world unite with the Muslims and together condemn the inhuman aggressions of Israel.

Iran has been and is the diehard enemy of Israel.

We shall reject Israel and shall have no relations with it for it is a usurper state and is our enemy.

I announce to all Islamic states and Muslims of the world, wherever they are, that the dear Shiite nation hates Israel and its agents and is disgusted with and hates the states that compromise with Israel.

We shall not have relations with Israel as it is a usurper state and is warring against Muslims.

We shall oppose Israel for it has usurped the rights of Arab peoples.

Israel is warring against Muslims, and usurps the lands of our brothers, we shall not give it any oil.

Israel is rejected by us, we shall never give it oil nor ever recognize it.

The criminal hands of the world arrogant states will not be severed off the Islamic lands unless Muslim nations and oppressed peoples rise against them and their offsprings especially Israel.

Israel is a usurper and must leave Palestine soon and the way to it is that Palestinian brothers uproot this core of corruption and colonialization from the region so that peace may return to the area.

It is a duty of the proud nation of Iran to harness the interests of America and Israel in Iran and invade them.

It is necessary for oil producing Islamic countries to use the oil and other things available to them as weapons against Israel and the colonizers.

It is incumbent on all Muslims especially Muslim countries to do away with this core of corruption any way possible.

This degenerative tumor that has, with backing of major powers, been planted in the heart of Islamic states and whose roots daily threaten the Islamic lands must be removed with help and effort of Islamic states and the great nations of Islam.



We would surely destroy all arrogant powers if we could have the power to do it.

The peace and safety of the world is keyed to the extinction of the arrogant. As long as these domineering, uncultured group exist on earth, the oppressed will not gain the inheritance that Almighty God has granted them.

Of all the blows meted out on us by the big powers, the blow to our personality is the worst.

Today world conditions are so that all countries are under political supervision of the superpowers.

All the troubles in which nations are bogged down are caused by superpowers.

The whole aim of these criminals is to gain power, power with which to clobbers anyone that stops in their path.

It is incumbent on the intellectuals to reveal the disgrace of the powers and superpowers, all the more.

Let all know that the powerful, opportunistic countries whose ultimate wish is to dominate the Islamic and oppressed countries will leave them alone and abandon them in times of trouble, that the words faith or fidelity do not appear in their lexicons.

Unite, for under the aegis of unity your victory will be certain.

Rights are to be taken, arise and drive out the superpowers from the scene of history and life.

World powers must know that today is not like yesterday. Unlike the governments, the nations will not retreat from the arena with just one short tirade of intimidation.

We have no fear of the superpowers. While we have no access to man-slaughtering weapons, our faith impels us not to be afraid.

The aim is just one-the defeat of the superpowers.

It is our duty to stand and oppose the superpowers and we have the power to do so.

We are so suspicious of the superpowers that if they speak the truth we think that they say so to deceive the people.

Today, all superpowers collectively oppose this nation in all its Islamic aspects. We must wake up and realize that their propaganda is more harmful to us than wars.

The basic purpose of colonizing governments is to wipe out the Quran, the ulema and Islam itself.

That day is blissful to us in which the domination of worldmongers over this oppressed nation and over other oppressed nations is smashed and all nations take their destinies in their own hands.

The slap-in-the face which the superpowers received from Iran, was matchless in all their lives.



We have been hurt more by America than by all others.

American domination carries with it the entire miseries of the oppressed nations.

America is the number-one-enemy of the oppressed and deprived peoples of the world.

America says 'we have interests in the Region.' Why should it have interests in our Region and why should the interests of the Muslims belong to America!?

Muslim nations hate foreigners generally, Americans, especially.

Let the world know that any trouble that Iranian nation and Muslim nations have is caused by foreigners, by America.

The most important and painful problem that Islamic nations and non-Islamic nations of the dominated states face concerns America.

All of our distresses are caused by America.

Our entire misery is by the hand of America.

America wants you for your oil, wants you as a market, to take away the oil and sell you junk!

The real enemies of the Quran, Islam and its holy Prophet (SAW) are the superpowers, especially America.

America, this natural criminal that has set the world on fire and its colleague, world Zionism, to reach their objectives commit crimes that pens and tongues are ashamed to describe.

Our entire troubles come from America and Israel.

Let the president of America realize that he is the most hateful individual to our nation.

The feelings of the Iranian nation concern American government, not American nation.



Shower all your cries down on America.

Today, America is the number one enemy of our whole nation.

Cold and warm weapons, that is , pens, words and machineguns should all be aimed at the enemies of mankind, headed by America.

We believe Muslims should unite and together slap America and know that they can do it!

We do not want America to work for us, we override America.

If opposition to America implies independence of that country, then, by all means, we are opposed to it and if this point is what America is afraid of, then let it remain afraid.

Our common enemies today are Israel and America and others like them. They want to destroy our prestige and put us back in bondage. Repel the common enemies!

The stigma that this Movement inflicted on America has never been experienced by any one.

Our crime is that we oppose America.

Much better we all perish than live in misery under American or Israeli hands.

O oppressed peoples of the world! Wherever you are and from whatever group or layer you come from, arise and do not fear the yelling and ruckus of America and other powers and make the world too narrow and tight for them.

America cannot act as a swaggerer before the Muslims.

America can't do a damn!

The fight, the dispute now going on is not America and us, it is between Islam and paganism.

Counteracting America is presently above all our problems. If today our forces become divided, it benefits America. Right now, America is the enemy and all our equipment should be aimed at this enemy.

Our perfect happiness comes the day when the domination of all the Eastern and Western colonizers, especially that of worldmongering America is removed from the heads of the Muslims.

America can defeat us but not our Revolution. for this reason I am confident of our victory. American government does not understand the concept of martyrdom.

I am confident if we carefully perform and continue our duty which is to fight the criminal America, our children shall taste the sweet nectar of martyrdom.



The misfortunes of the Islamic states is caused by interference of foreigners in their affairs.

Regional governments must know that in time of trouble neither America nor any other power will support them.

For more than 20 years past I have been recommending to the heads of Islamic states, either in my sermons or talks, to put aside the minor local disputes and unite in deeds and minds for advancement of Islam and its aims.

The problem of Islam is its Islamic governments not its nations.


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