Saturday 26 May 2018

Iraq not victorious
in absence of IRI

Abu Mehdi Mohandes

Deputy Commander of the Iraqi popular force, Hashd al-Shaabi says Iraq could have never liberated Mosul from the ISIS terror group if Iran's help was absent.


Abu Mehdi Mohandes was speaking to the Qods News Agency (Qodnsa) on the sidelines of the ninth meeting of the Union of the Muslim Radios and Televisions.


The Iraqi commander touched on the negative role of the US government in the Iraqi developments and said the US seeks to restore a foothold in Iraq and control the Iraqi borders with Jordan.


"The US seeks to keep the area from the Hashd al-Ashaabi force," he said, adding however that the force has opened up the route from Baghdad to Damascus and secures its security.


The commander noted that the US government made many efforts to mar the face of the popular force however it failed to present any case of violation in Mosul at the hand of the Iraqi force.

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