Tuesday 22 September 2020 
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Palestinians highlight
day of Quds rallies


Several Palestinian figures have underlined the significance of the day of Quds ceremonies, calling for huge participation in the annual occasion that falls on Friday.


Palestinian university professor, Abdusattar Qasem regretted that the Palestinian nation in the run-up to this year’s Quds day was witness to continued persecution of Palestinian resistance forces, adding certain states and figures have easily renounced the Palestinian cause and recognized Israel.


The university professor said the Palestinian issue needs the help of nations, adding Iran’s supports have helped the Palestinian resistance to be up and running.


Qasem regretted that certain figures in the Palestinian community have replaced national interests with personal interests.


For his part, Spokesman of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, Davoud Shihan said the international occasion serves as an opportunity to distinguish oppression and justice.


“The rallies provide a crushing response to any individual who intends to renounce the sacred Quds,” he told Qodsna reporter in Gaza, adding Quds has an unchangeable position in the mind of the faithful worldwide.


The Islamic Jihad spokesman called the day a response by the Islamic community to the despotic regimes who seek to impose their dominance on the community.


Shihab urged all free men in the world to mark the occasion in the best way possible.


And, al-Aqsa prayer leader, Sheikh Akrama Sabri said ‘at time when the Arab world developments were in favor of Israel’ the day of Quds ceremonies served as an example of vigilance for the Muslim community.


Sabri said the tragic Palestinian status would remain unchanged if the nations fail to be vigilant.

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