Sunday 14 July 2024

Dozens of Zionist workers diggings of graves at sacred Ma'manullah cemetery

Dozens of Zionist workers have been engaged in digging up Muslim graves at the historic Ma’manullah cemetery in occupied al-Quds ('Jerusalem'), The Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage (AFEH) revealed, stressing that the American and Israeli parties behind the project to build the "tolerance museum" try to hide these acts.

The organisation’s delegation visited the cemetery on Wednesday morning on hearing that the digging of the graves was restarted and that racist graffiti has been daubed on graves in the cemetery.

Amir al-Khatib, director of the organisation, said that the visit was to see first-hand the repeated Zionist violations against the cemetery and to uncover the digging of tombs which has been restarted lately.
AFEH confirmed that dozens of workers are digging up graves in the south western part of the cemetery which has been fenced for the purpose of building the so called tolerance museum.

The delegation managed to get close to the main southern gate of the fenced area despite attempts by the guards to prevent them. Through the gates and holes in the fence they saw dozens of workers with light tools and buckets. They also saw mounds of earth covered by sheets. This was documented by the team.
AFEH also learnt that serious digging is being carried out at the cemetery and that a lorry enters the cemetery every day to be loaded with earth. No one except those working there is allowed in.


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