Saturday 23 September 2023

Israel deciding to minimize Palestinian population in Quds to only 12% in 2030 - geopgrapher

A Zionist regime's plan to build 60,000 settlement units in the next 20 years in occupied al-Quds ('Jerusalem'), aims to change the demography of the city, Khalil al-Tafakji, geographer at the Arab Studies Society in al-Quds said.

In an interview with the “Sawt Falastin" newspaper on Tuesday he said that in the year 2030 according to this plan, the Palestinian presence in al-Quds would drop to 12% and the Jewish presence would rise to 88% which means the concept of dividing al-Quds between two states will be impossible.

He added that these settlement units will be built all over the occupied city, in settlements built after the occupation in 1967 as well as Arab neighbourhoods to change the demographic facts of the city.

He further said that the timing of the announcement aims to direct two messages. The first message  to the Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims, which says that the occupied city is the united capital of one state; the “Jewish State”. The second message is to the international community and says that the city is the capital for all Jews in the world and that building in the city is the same as building in Tel Aviv.

He further explained that these tens of thousands of settlement units were part of plan 2020 which was prepared in 1994 , the plan has now been upgraded to plan 2030.

Maariv published a report last Sunday about Zionist plans to build 60,000 settlement units in the occupied al-Quds.


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