Saturday 23 September 2023

Sabri: Maghareba demolition prelude to Aqsa demolition

Sheikh Ekrema Sabri, the chairman of the higher Islamic authority in occupied al-Quds ('Jerusalem'), warned that the Israeli occupation authority’s decision to raze the bridge leading to the Maghareba gate in the Aqsa mosque was illegal.

He warned in a press release on Saturday that the act was an infringement on the Islamic Waqf in the holy city and a prelude to destroying the Aqsa mosque itself.

The Sheikh said that everything was expected of the IOA, which does not care less about sanctity or law, citing its displacement of Palestinian citizens, confiscation of land, establishment of settlements on occupied territory, ban on worshippers in the Aqsa, and robbery of history and antiquities.

Sabri held the IOA responsible for the cracks in the mount on which the bridge is built, explaining that the mount was there 15 centuries ago and only started to crack when the IOA allowed intensive underground work under it.


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