Saturday 23 September 2023

Israel building fake Jewish graves as a judaization move

The Committee for the Defense of Silwan Sunday uncovered the escalated Israeli authorities’ measures, which aim to change the characteristics of various historical sites in Silwan, a town east of al-Quds ('Jerusalem').

The committee said that the number of locations, which the Israeli authorities are changing their character is increasing ,  aiming to include most of the Archaeological and historical sites, in an attempt to judize and falsify the history of the entire area of Silwan.

It added that many Israeli institutions were engaging in these measures.

It noted that the Israeli machineries are conducting an extensive digging in north, south, west and centre of Silwan, near the historical water spring; which belong entirely  to the Islamic Waqf.

The Israeli authorities are working on establishing a Talmudic garden in Tantur Faron, an area south of Al-Aqsa mosque, which is considered an Archaeological area that extends back thousands of years, it said.

It said that in Ein Em Edorg, an area in Silwan, diggings reached a depth of more than 20 meters under the ground, and there are diggings in Al-Ain Mosque, the oldest mosque in Silwan, in the area of Ain Silwan,  in addition to the digging of tunnels.

It said the diggings in Wadi al-Rababa, aim to establish more of the Talmudic gardens, change its historical and Archaeological character, and to build additional fake Jewish graves, in an attempt to give it a Talmudic historical character associated with the myth of the alleged temple.

The committee also pointed out to the diggings that the Israeli authorities are rapidly conducting in Al-Farouq and Wadi Helwa, neighborhoods in Silwan, in addition to the diggings that have not stopped in the Umayyad palaces, adjacent to the southern wall Al-Aqsa mosque.

It added that the Jewish graves spread through Ras al-Amoud and into the neighborhoods, almost reaching  the neighborhood of Batn al-Hawa, in addition to the large settlement activities in Silwan.


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