Thursday 09 February 2023

Relentless digging threatens al-Aqsa mosque and Qods

The Palestinian Institute of Al-Aqsa Endowment and Heritage in its latest report warned about a slew of threats facing the al-Aqsa mosque, adding that the year 2009 was a touchy period for the fate of the landmark Islamic monument.

The report carried by al-Moheet news website underlines the urgency of situation and calls for urgent actions to save the Islamic identity of the Qods city.

"The al-Aqsa mosque and the Qods city faces serious threats in the year 2009. We appeal to the world of Islam to take actions before the al-Aqsa mosque is fully destroyed," the report appealed.

The report entitled "Where Al-Aqsa mosque and the Qods city are going in 2009?" reveals that the Israelis had planned to carry out a host of projects to judaize the context of the Qods city and destroy the al-Aqsa mosque.

The report notes that the al-Aqsa mosque and its Islamic and Christian holy sites have been under most severe attacks by the Jewish groups.


Staging of Jewish ceremonies inside the al-Aqsa mosque


In the second half of 2008, digging operation and destruction of the mosque have seen a sharp increase with an eye on building Jewish-natured sites, the report said, adding that the Extremist Jews had attacked the mosque in the period several times.

The extremist Jews had staged Jewish ceremonies immediately after their entrance. They were backed by Israeli police and the Zionist regime's authorities.

On the other hand, the Israeli police in a rare move has allowed foreign tourists to stroll through the mosque usually half-naked while the same police prevents fast-keeping faithful Muslims to enter the mosque in the holy month of Ramadan.

Jewish groups have constructed a synagogue over an endowed Islamic site, called 'Hamam al-Ain' 50 meters away from the al-Aqsa mosque. They have also made preparations for another synagogue called 'Hahorba' in the older part of the Qods city. The synagogue constructions are aimed at changing the Islamic texture of the city.

Meanwhile, the Zionist regime ploughed the ground of Maman-Allah Muslim cemetery in the occupied Qods with several bulldozers this week.

 Maman-Allah cemetery in Qods

The plough move came as part of a project to build a Jewish museum called 'tolerability.'

Suspicious repair works in al-Aqsa mosque


Numerous digging points around the Qods city

Besides the numerous digging operations around the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Qods city, there are also suspicious moves under the pretext of repair jobs. In some cases, Israeli forces have placed Jewish works on the walls of the Qods city during the so-called repair works.


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