Thursday 09 February 2023

Religious leaders reinforce campaign to save Al-Quds

Under the title “Aggression on Gaza…targeting of Al-Quds,” religious leaders held a conference Monday in East Beit-Ul- Moqaddas.


The dangers surrounding the city cannot be overstated, was the resounding point, along with timing of the attacks on Gaza exploited to further settlement policy.


“The world must take immediate action to save the city and its Islamic and Christian sanctities,” said Sheikh Taysir Al Tamimi. “And the internal division only serves the Israel in achieving its objectives that seek to destroy.”


Beit-Ul- Moqaddas is still considered the capital of an independent Palestinian state and the Israeli administration is defying the United Nations and international law with the continued takeover.


Projects were suggested to save the city including a weekly program focusing on the city to broadcast on Muslim and Arab satellite channels. Support for residents who are facing increased pressure to flee their homes is also crucial, conference goers said.


Conference moderator Sheikh Jamil Hamami said, Al-Quds is central to our faith and civilization. The assault on the Gaza Strip that is ongoing charges us to increase our unity and we are optimistic that the new US president will be a positive actor.”


Head of the Supreme Islamic Conference, Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, said that the Israeli excavations under Al Aqsa Mosque and the Al Haram As Sharif compound “threaten heritage, history and civilization.”


He told the group of several hundred gathered today, Al-Quds is forgotten by many right now and we must protect it as the focus is on Gaza, but we must say that we appreciate the position of the Turkish Prime Minister at Davos and the courage and tenacity of thousands.”


Sheikh Sabri went on to address the Israeli attacks on the Silwan neighborhood where part of the United Nations school collapsed yesterday due to excavations under Al Aqsa. “Our history, our character, is under direct attack.”


He added a call to the UNESCO to increase its role in defending Islamic holy sites.


At Monday’s conference Patriarch Michel Sabbah also addressed the necessary focus on Gaza while directly addressing the internal Palestinian divide. It “has fostered the Israeli ability to further its schemes,” calling on Palestinian factions to return to unity. “We are issuing a call to action to save Jerusalem as our historic Arab, Muslim, Christian city.”


Sheikh Ra’ed Salah who heads the Islamic Movement inside the Green Line also called for Palestinian unity and said that the Old City of Beit-Ul- Moqaddas is under direct and is undergoing Judaization at a heightened pace.”


Governor Adnan Al Husseini called on international institutions to lend a direct hand in saving Al Aqsa.




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