Thursday 09 February 2023

Islamic-Christian Front: Israel aims to change Arabs in Qods into minority

Secretary-General of the Islamic-Christian Front for Defending Beit Ul Moqaddas and its Holy Sites, Dr. Hasan Khater, warned on Monday that Zionist regime started implementing a new plan which targets the Arab presence in Beit Ul Moqaddas.

Dr. Khater added that Israel is ongoing with its violations in Beit Ul Moqaddas and is ongoing with its plans to draw the borders of the city in accordance to the presence of its settlements and the Annexation Wall.

He stated that Israel is currently advertising for a new Beit Ul Moqaddas Identity Card which will be granted to residents “with special qualifications”, adding that this plan aims it stripping the Arab residents of their Beit Ul Moqaddas identity and residency.

“Thousands of Palestinian residents of Beit Ul Moqaddas will lose their ID cards, especially after Israel finishes the Annexation Wall which will completely separate several Arab neighborhoods from the City”, Dr. Khater stated.

He added that Israel wants to create a new demographical situation in Beit Ul Moqaddas by voiding the Arab presence and increasing the number of Israeli settlers.

Dr. Khater also said that Zionist regime intends to divide the Palestinians by creating isolated cantons for them to bar any geographical unity between the Palestinian territories and Beit Ul Moqaddas. He further stated that Israel aims at stripping 40% of the Beit Ul Moqaddas' Palestinians from their ID cards. 

The Secretary-general demanded the Palestinian leadership to act on all levels in order to counter this threat which targets the Palestinian presence and history in the area.


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