Thursday 09 February 2023

$1.5b a year spent on judaisation of Qods


By time separation wall is complete, up to 125 thousands Palestinians will be isolated 


Khalil al-Tafakji, a senior Palestinian researcher aid in his newly-released research that the recent Israeli efforts to judaise Beit ul-Moqaddas and annex additional parts of West Bank to its 1948-occupied Palestinian territories are a follow-up to the same policy which US dictated to the regime in 2004 to carry out.


"Israel has planned to divide the West Bank into many cantons and place siege on the area by building settlements and cutting communication routes through canals and military barriers," Tafakji said.


The Palestinian researcher noted that the racist plan had been approved by the US government in 2004 and that Israel and America have planned to form their desired Palestinian state within A and B regions (based on Oslo agreement) after separating the West Bank and Qods.


Concerning the Zionist regime's ways to judaise Qods, the Palestinian researcher said that until the date of release of his study, close to 35 percent of East Qods lands have been appropriated by Israel.


He also said that by the time the separation wall is complete, up to 125 thousands Palestinians out of 217 thousands of Palestinians residing in Qods will be isolated from other parts.


According to the researcher, the Zionist regime spends 1.5 billion dollars a year to impose a new face on the historic city. It also is bent on expelling a large part of [Palestinian and Arab population from Qods before 2020.



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