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Analysis: Why does Israel fan crises in Gaza?

Israel is in dire need of a critical situation in Gaza so that it could push to brink its talks with the Palestinian Authority on the one hand and undercut possible international pressures on the other.

Analysts believe that Israel have ahead a very complicated and perilous phase of politics where in the absence of any psy-war against the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Palestinian issue is going to take the center stage in the international scene.

The situation even turned more complex for Israel after the American officials made a batch of commitments to the Palestinians through the Israeli side in the two meetings of Annapolis (Dec 6) and Paris (Dec 16) so as to help themselves out of their current crises in the region.

The regime has felt the storm of increasing international attention to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict following the US projects which effectively fanned the issue.

American authorities in the two meetings were committed to help establish a Palestinian state in the occupied Palestine in defiance of the fundamentals of Zionism.

So Israel needs crisis in Gaza as excuse to pull the rug from under the feet of the Palestinian Authority and draw a line under the idea of Palestinian state at least for while.

The Zionists have found more excuse to push their job after finding their allies in White House reluctant to pursue pressures against Iran over its nuclear technology.

Clouds are already looming over the two side's relations.

At the current conditions any move by the regime out of tune with the White House would lead to the latter's move to lever pressure against a fragile coalition running the Zionist regime.

Tel Aviv is now poking about to find a deterrent against the dilemma which is at present facing its institutional percepts and the answer have probably been in magnifying an alleged threat against the regime from Gaza.

The regime so blows in the threat propaganda and to find some fodder for the agenda it seeks to incite crises one after another in the besieged area in a bid to deviate the international opinion from its commitments to the Palestinian Authority especially made in the Annapolis meeting.

The radical Israeli official, Avigdor Liberman, who holds ministry of strategic threats under Ehud Olmert, proposed last week to extend the surface of the regime's 'operations' against the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

His arguments was that as long as there were clashes were also threats of terrorism while by rolling talks the threat of terrorism, the fodder to the Israeli propaganda against its commitments would perish.