Friday 08 December 2023

Paris meeting: a sequel to Annapolis

A conference 'to help Palestinians' was held Tuesday in Paris in the presence of 90 countries and international organizations. The meeting was rolled under the banner of 'aid to Palestinians' and the result was a 7 billion dollar package for the Palestinian Authority however the margins of the event proved more dramatic.
The participants failed to make any mention of aid for the Palestinian people otherwise earmarking the total aid package for Abu Mazen to refurbish his Palestinian Authority.
The Palestinian people received they share when the participants welcomed Israeli call for branding Gaza as 'a hostile entity which must be dismantled in order to conserve security for Tel Aviv and the PA.
The call was shored up by French President Nicolas Sarkozy's offer to deploy an international force, better described as a NATO-formed force in Gaza to crack down on the Palestinian resistance.
Sarkozy's remarks in the meeting pushed the curtain aside from the heartfelt interests of the avid well wisher of the Zionist regime. Sarkozy made it clear that Palestine is not worth a straw in his eyes.
The Paris meeting was held as a low-profile event and in this it never resembled a similar much-touted confab in Annapolis last month. However, it proved a sequel to the confab by casting a blind eye at the current plight of the Palestinian people.
Zionist FM Tzivi Livni spoke to the meeting as if her regime had been conducting a squeaky-clean business with the international community and had scored a spotless performance regarding the Palestinian issue.
Livnin put up an innocent face in the meeting and claimed the Palestinian ramshackle economy, destructed under Israel's siege and embargoes, was to blame for the regime's economic woes.
But probably the most surprising point in the meeting came where France's President tried to pull together some excuse to table the Iranian nuclear technology issue and alert the participants, but to no avail.


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