Friday 08 December 2023

Hamas extends resistance to newer spheres


Sayed Emad Hosseini: Saturday hundreds of thousand of supporters of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) marked the 20th anniversary of the organization in Gaza in defiance of any pressure and embargo by the Zionist regime.
Before the government of the Premier Ismail Haniya came to office, resistance in the mind of the Palestinian people connoted armed struggle however the serving administration granted other aspects to the word by introducing political, economic, social and medical resistance.
What befell Gaza since the coming to power of Hamas extends beyond embargo and siege, also depicting different methods of struggle. Gaza is engaged in war of which embargo and siege are a part.
The Zionist regime at present has laid siege and embargo on Gaza as part of an attempt to fake a failed image out of the movement which represent combatant Islamists on the political scene. Destruction of farmlands and power plants are also in the same pitch.
Some experts liken the Gaza embargos to those imposed once against the Iraqi nation under the dictator Saddam Hussein in order to undermine the ruling structure and pave ground for a military attack.
The Palestinian nation probably suffers the worst conditions in history. The nation is enduring punishment for supporting resistance and brining Hamas to power and the scale of plight has inched up with Arabs throwing their weight on the lever of pressure against the nation.
Egypt for instance barred its NGOs from breaking the Gaza siege and blocked the humanitarian trucks from reaching the Gaza borders.
Mahmoud Abbas and his cronies too have engaged in a dirty play by outpacing the Zionist regime in producing and carrying out anti-Gaza agendas. Abbas and other compromise-minded figures even would like to see Fatah supporters punished especially as they recall those supporters' vote in favor of Hamas two years ago which was inspired by their disillusionment with the Fatah Leaders performance.
Gaza however has proved firm even if many are counting for a much-drummed invasion of the region. But is the war imminent?
No doubt, the Zionist regime is much more powerful than the Palestinian people in terms of military means. However, the Iraqi invasion proved that occupation is not all and the bigger challenge would follow when the occupiers must keep the land under their reign.
Zionist are wary about the after-occupation conditions. Hamas has already declared it is looking forward to seeing the Zionist inside the soil.


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