Friday 08 December 2023

Qodsna Managing Director suggests venue of int'l conference on Palestine be kept outside IRI

Qodsna Managing Director, Iraj Sebqati Tuesday opined Wednesday the next international conference on Palestine, held once every four year, would rather be held in a country other than the Islamic Republic of Iran.
He was speaking on the sidelines of a panel to examine the latest edition of the conference held in Istanbul, Turkey mid-November. The panel was convened by the Iran-based Society in Defense of the Palestinian Nation (SDPN).
Sebqati believed that the holding of the conference in other countries would further help globalize the Palestinian issue.
"We would rather hold the conference annually," the managing director proposed, adding that the drive would lead other countries to share their mind with the issue.
"The international conference could also be held in the European countries. We can provide the fields for attendance of the Islamic NGO in these countries," Sebqati added.
Asked about the Annapolis confab, Iraj Sebqati said the meeting was somewhat related to the difficulties America is facing in the Middle East, especially in Palestine and Lebanon.
Touching on the U.S. problems in Lebanon, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and other regional countries, the Qodsna managing director noted the more the country attacked Iran's regional policy the more the latter turned popular.
"America faces many difficulties and it would not get any achievement in the Annapolis meeting," Sebqati said.
The managing director described the aim of the Annapolis meeting as to conduct a psychological war.


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