Friday 08 December 2023

Arabs still immature in political vision

Arab heads reached a consensus to take part in the Annapolis meeting amid a pervasive mistrust that the meeting would bear no meaningful result.

The bitter experience of previous conferences apparently has failed to produce a lesson for the Arab heads and they are going to fall in the trap of another compromise with the Zionist regime.

 Some analysts however blame the Arab's unnerved mood on a behind the scene display of carrot and stick by the United States to woo Arabs to the confab. According to the argument, Arabs have been threatened by further US military assistance to Israel, escalation of blame game to implicate Arabs in the Iraqi crisis and finally media campaign to present Arabs as the side to blame for the failure of the 'peace' conference.
Arabs only carry their frustrations into the meeting. They acknowledge they are of no influence in the Palestinian issue and whatever stance they take would have no impact on the process of the Palestinian resistance.


Qods News Agency

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