Wednesday 06 December 2023

Arab heads would rather stay home

America's somewhat bizarre move not to announce the agenda of the Annapolis meeting has inadvertently made Arab heads to fear there would be a hidden agenda in the Annapolis meeting which would only surface in the confab day.


Failure of talks between Zionist Premier Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority Head Mahmoud Abbas proved there would be no concrete reference to the minimum conditions set forth by Saudi Arabia in 2005: Return of Palestinian refugees, withdrawal of Zionist regime to 1967 borders and declaration of Qods as capital of Palestine.


But why does White House balk to unveil the agenda of the confab? What articles does the agenda contain whose revelation would not be expedient for the White House? The United States apparently just wants to see the invitees round a table rolled at its initiative and so keeps mum over the agenda so that the Annapolis seats are not deserted.


However, the resolutions of the meeting, whatever they would be, must be signed off by officials whose political career is waning.


Olmert is goner and this delayed departure stems from behind the scene decisions which have also delayed the release of the Winograd report.


George Bush would leave everything for its heirs who, most probably from Democrats, give no guarantee to pay homage to the outgoing man's legacy.


Mahmoud Abbas too sees no hope in reelection as the pro-resistance thought is increasingly gaining momentum.


Arab heads would rather stay home.



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