Sunday 21 July 2024

Muslim initiative for Qods emerging in Istanbul conference

 Istanbul is currently hosting 5000 Islamic and Christian personalities who have convened to thrash out ways to counter the threats posed by Zionists against the religious sanctities of the ancient city (Qods). The conference takes place amid radical developments in Palestine and other parts of the region.


The compromise-minded Palestinian folds are rushing to concessions talks with the enemy. The Palestinian resistance movements however have made it clear they will persevere on their principle track until they meet the Palestinian aspirations.


Zionists on the other side are talking peace with the Palestinians and Arabs amid its relentless expansionist policy in the West Bank, the fatal siege of the Gaza and the worst its judaization of the occupied Beit ul-Moqaddas. The scale of aggression however is not confined to inside the 1948 occupied Palestine; Zionists are also carrying out interventionist projects in Lebanon and Syria.


The whole scenario comes along the mounting Western pressure over the Arab countries to bow to the Zionist regime entity and set aside any demand regarding the Palestinian rights.


The large Islambul convention then would bear many messages. It shows the Palestinian people are not alone on the struggle against the Zionist conspiracies. It also promotes the Palestinian idea that compromise is of no help and that the latest loop of the chain of compromise project which is set to take place in Annapolis, America, is a plot against the Palestinian nation which is carried out under the color of peace.


The conference helped sound alarm for the Muslim heads that the Muslim public opinion will not back any compromise idea and that any push for compromise with the Zionist regime will erode their popularity.

The conference also helped give momentum to campaign to free Qods and make it an absolute priority on the Islamic agenda.


The conference showed that the Muslims could convene together in large numbers to tackle the problems of the world of Islam unlike the familiar mood of the Organization of the Islamic Conference whose members are unable to reach a consensus against their common enemies due to their mostly subtle differences.


Also of note in the conference was the coming together of Christian and Muslims personalities. The unique convention would neutralize the Zionist effort to present the Qods issue as a Palestinian issue. It will also help break the media-hyped canard that only the Islamic sanctities are subject of the Zionist aggression. Zionists by nature will not settle for the Islamic sanctities and will take on the Christian sites later on to fully judiaze Beit ul-Moqaddas. 



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