Wednesday 06 December 2023

Turkey to stage prelude to Annapolis farce

Turkey hosts Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority and Shimon Peres, head of the Zionist regime Thursday. The tree-side meeting of the heads of Turkey and the two other entities takes place ahead of a larger meeting of the same nature in Annapolis, America whose immature agenda alleges to help the Palestinians issue out of crisis.

Turkey meeting is apparently timed to prelude the fall meeting in Annapolis and drum up perceptions among the Muslim public that as an Islamic country, Turkey supports the Annapolis meeting.

This is however the first time ever that Abu Mazen in his capacity as PA head meets a head of the Zionist regime without raising any Palestinian demand. Surprisingly enough they dub their meeting 'pro-peace.'

Turkey on the other hand seeks to play a role in the Middle East peace as an Islamic-European country, walking a face-saving tightrope between having Islamic backing and boosting EU accession talks.

Ankara holds large stakes in Israeli economy. These would push the country to take conservative stance even thou it underlines Palestinian demands.

The country is also grappled with a batch of crises, including the PKK terror issue, Armenian Genocide case and internal unrest. Evidence suggests the Zionist regime's influence in these crises. By the meeting, the Turkish authorities thought to woe Israel to ease influence.

Turkish people on the other hand have shown they never tolerate meetings where true Palestinian demands are not addressed.


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