Tuesday 05 December 2023 
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West is deploying agents in the occupied Palestine

 America and other western countries have again pushed for a larger role in the Middle East developments. Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Bernard Kouchner, the foreign minister of Germany and France as well as Kormick from the US State Department are going to play role of infantrymen in this regard.

The actions are conducted amid claims by America and its cronies that the only way for a sustainable peace in the Middle East passes through a 'peace' confab to be held in fall whose agenda is just making Arabs to sit negotiations with the Zionist regime.

US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice is to be the next loop in the chain of the infantry. She is set to visit the occupied Palestine for the sixth time in a year to refurbish the mission.

These infantries are trying to convert the upcoming meeting of the Iraqi neighbors in Turkey (Nov 11-12) to a venue to woo Arabs to the so-called 'peace' confab.

The diplomats are also tasked to persuade Arab countries to consider Iran as a threat. The next stage of their mission is to transform Arabs-Zionists conflict into Arab-Iran conflict. They have however made little advance with the Arab countries holding fast to their insightful drive for a regional cohesion.


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