Wednesday 07 December 2022

Cancer set to come to rescue of Kadima, Olmert

Early on 2006, Ariel Sharon, the then premier of the Zionist regime fell from power and left the political stage after he suffered a brain stroke.

The stroke sealed his political fate as his fledgling party, Kadima was preparing to stand snap elections.

Sharon has struck no excellent performance in his political career and thereby was not deemed a favorite. He was incapacitated to add to the woes and failures of the bankrupt Zionist structure.


Kadima however reaped profits from Sharon's dubious health conditions and helped Olmert to stand atop the echelon of the party. Now two years later we are told that Olmert suffers prostate cancer.


Kadima apparently no more holds confidence in Olmert as appropriate for the job. His scandalous notoriety triggered by a series of corruption cases was coupled with a disgraceful record in the war against Lebanon in summer 2006 in which the regime's army sustained a heavy defeat.


Political parties have already warned the cancer-hit man they will quit his collation cabinet. Veteran Zionist figures for their part are demanding a change in what they call the regime's soft policy towards the Palestinian issue.


On the other side of the stage, the Zionist settlers are chiding their authorities for their inept response to the Palestinian resistance. Winograd Committee too is putting last touches on a report which would place the blame on Olmert for the regime's disgraceful defeat in Lebanon and would call on Olmert to step down.


Kadima is desperately looking for some figure to promote its political ratings ahead of possible snap elections. The removal of Olmert would help wipe the records of the party.


Olmert, either with cancer or not has reached the end of his political career and wishes for a face-saving quit of power. 


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