Wednesday 07 December 2022

Rice visit to Middle East as a repetitive episode of a farce

Condoleezza Rice, who runs America's diplomacy, entered the occupied Palestinian territories for seventh time this year. 

The visit, as preparation for a meeting to discuss Middle East peace came amid US efforts to transform the Palestinian crisis into a Palestinian-Zionist issue. However, repeated meetings between Zionist regime's prime Minister and Abu Mazen, the Palestinian Authority Head have yielded no favorable result yet.


Rice has been playing an intrigue by expressing concerns over the expansion of Zionist settlements on the one hand and making an opposition agenda against Palestinian Resistance on the other. However, the regime has made lever of pressure out of every crisis to make the other side to give concessions.


With few days ahead of November meeting of compromise-minded Middle East figures, America, despite intensified diplomatic efforts, stands to receive a disheartening blow from Arabs who are murmuring their decision to boycott the meeting.


Rice is now looking at Jordan and Egypt as proxies to break the Arab consensus over the meeting.



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