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Ambiguities of upcoming "peace meeting"

 The first thing is that neither Palestinians nor Israelis trust in Abu Mazen. Some powerful and influential Palestinian groups like Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas are opposed to this meeting. They believe that the Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is not the favorite delegate of all Palestinians for the negotiations.


AS Abu Mazen does not have power over all the Palestinian territories, Israelis believe that Abu Mazen does not carry carte blanche for the application of their decisions.


The next point is that not all countries invited have announced their readiness to attend the meeting. Syria has set determination of fate of Golan Heights as precondition. Some other influential countries in the region will not attend the "peace meeting."


No peace conference will succeed unless it considers all Palestinian issues like the future of the Palestinian refugees and the separation wall. Are those who want to participate in the meeting qualified for discussing the Palestinian issues or this meeting is set to be held unilaterally to impose some other difficulties on the Palestinians?


The make-up of the meeting indicates that America, Israel and some Arab neighbors of Palestine are seeking to create a unilateral faction to achieve their goals and impose further pressures against Palestinians.


As the meeting doesn’t have qualifications for considering the Palestinian issue and peace in the Middle East, many experts believe that it will be defeated like other conferences in the pas.