Tuesday 05 December 2023 
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Palestinian university students downbeat on Annapolis meeting

Palestinian university students interviewed by Qodsna correspondent in Gaza announced their lack of interest in the Annapolis confab.

"I believe that this meeting organized by America will be futile like the previous ones," Abdullah Hasanain, student of Al Azhar university said.

"By any meeting held over the Palestinian problem we were pushed back 20 years," Hasanain said, warning that the Annapolis meeting is more dangerous than any other conference in the past.

"In my opinion, Israelis would never give any concession," he noted. "So we appeal to our officials not to ignore the Palestinian rights and interests under the international pressures."

Saed Al-Ezavi, student of politics in the Islamic college also expressed certainty that the Annapolis meeting would fail.

"The meeting is only organized to fulfill the Israeli and American interests, he said.

"Israelis try to extract concessions out of the weak Palestinians," Al-Ezavi said.

"The Annapolis meeting is only aimed at treading on the Palestinian issue and provide the ground for the fulfillment of American plots against Iran," he warned.

Miss Amani Abdul Javad, student in Al Aqsa University described the Annapolis meeting as against the Palestinian issue, adding, "I believe that this meeting is against the Palestinian issue because it was organized by the opponents of the Palestinian nation."

"The aim of the Annapolis meeting is to divide the Palestinian land into two parts of West Bank and Gaza Strip," she said.

She regretted that some leaders of Arab and Islamic countries as well as some Palestinian leaders fail to confront the Israeli and American plots.

Another female student of Islamic university, Asma A'mer told Qodsna that the Annapolis conferences would bear nothing for the Palestinians.

"As the name of the meeting (fall meeting) indicates, it will lead to the fall of the Palestinian rights," she said.

Mohammad Namr Samour, student of Al Azhar University pointed to previous conferences on the same issue, adding, "although many conferences was held but no pledge was given in these meetings."

"This is the habit of Jews," he said, adding "they are by nature betrayers."

"Resistance is the only way to liberate our territories and achieve our rights by force," he said.

"Language of force is the only language that Israelis understand," Samour added.

Namr Abdul Rahman another student of social and political science in the Islamic Azad University was another interviewee who said "Such conferences don't have any results but the seizure of out territories, demolition of our homes and more threats against the Al Aqsa mosque."

"It seems that this meeting would not have any positive result for the Palestinians," he said.


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