Wednesday 07 December 2022

Thousands mark 12th anniversary of Dr. Fathi Shikaki's assassination

Tens of Thousands of citizens and supporters of the Islamic Jihad along with Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniya and many of Hamas' leaders commemorated the 12th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Fathi Shakaki, the secretary general of the Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine


Tens of thousands of members and supporters of the movement participated in the festival, which was organized by the movement under the slogan "pledge to martyrs" in Jabalia refugee camp north of the Gaza strip.


The Festival began following the Firday prayers ceremony. The participants came carrying black flags, shouting "No God but Allah" and "Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah".


Tens of Al Quds brigades' fighters, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad movement, and the movement's leaders attended the festival.


Secretary-general of the Islamic Jihad Movement Dr. Ramadan Abdullah Shallah affirmed that the myth of the Zionist regime will come to an end soon, and that the Islamic Jihad Movement will never recognize it at all cost.


He addressed Through telephone, a huge rally in Gaza city saying "Palestine was usurped at the hands of the armed Jewish groups by force, and, therefore, it couldn’t be retrieved but by force and resistance".


With regard of the autumn conference, sponsored by America, Shallah said that Palestinian Authority officials should not be attending the Annapolis conference.


He urged the Palestinian people not to be deceived by calls here and there calling for peace with Israel, stressing, "We should not allow ourselves to believe, even for a moment, that our struggle with Zionist regime has come to an end".


"This conference is dangerous for the Palestinians, because its aim is to drag Arab countries into normalizing their ties with Zionist regime," he said.


"The Palestinians must not participate in this conference," he added.



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