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Experts review
Balfour Declaration


A panel discussion was held in Tehran to review the historic Balfour Declaration in the 100th anniversary of the ominous declaration.

Several Iranian political experts were attending the panel discussion, namely Ali Reza Soltanshahi, Hossein Rouyvaran, and Ahmad Souroushnejad.

Starting the debate, Soltanshahi said radical Jews have historically incited the sort of situations that leads to anti-Semitic reactions among non-Jewish populations.

The expert said the reality had likely prompted Theodor Herzl to author a book titled ‘Jewish State’ and argue that the sole solution to the Jewish problem was to establish a Jewish state.

The expert said in the wake of the Balfour Declaration in 1917, Jews sought to use the help of Britain to have the notion of Jewish State established and legitimized worldwide.

Soltanshahi said the notion was fully established after the UN approved the resolution to partition Palestine.

The expert noted that the emergence of the Islamic Revolution in Iran however dented the Israeli legitimacy propaganda and further relegated after a first Palestinian intifada commenced in 1987.

For his part, Hossein Rouyvaran said it was imperative to table and sue the declaration as it approved the ceding of the Palestinian land to a group of immigrants.

Rouyvaran said Britain was the key to the fabrication of Israel, adding the reality has inspired pro-Palestinian activists to push the British government to apologize over the Balfour Declaration.

Rouyvaran said Israelis suffered lack of the criteria of a country, namely a land, nation or history, adding Israel was actually fabricated in order to serve the western colonial governments and secure their interests in the region.

Rouyvaran argued that the Israeli attack on Suez Canal in 1956, its war on Egypt in 1967 and its war on Lebanon in 1982 were carried out in order to secure the western interests.

The expert noted that when Israel failed to reach its goals in the 33-day war on Hezbollah in 2006 many analysts said Israel could no longer fulfill the original role it was assigned by the western governments.

And, Ahmad Soroushnejad said Israel seeks to divert the world public opinion from its practice of occupation.

Souroushnejad said pro-Palestinian activists should refocus the public opinion’s attention on the Israeli occupation and retable it as the absolute priority issue in the region.

The expert said Israel seeks to manage the regional developments, adding the resistance force should change the play otherwise it would find itself playing the Israeli ground.


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