Friday 17 January 2020

Erdogan seeks to give Israel toehold in region

Iranian political expert Hassan Hanizadeh says Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan seeks to remain in power to the last day of his political career through the constitutional referendum however his policies have actually proved destabilizing for the region.

Hanizadeh told the Qods News Agency (Qodsna) that Erdogan serves as a source of insecurity for Iraq and Syria, adding Erdogan seeks to have the upper hand in the region through the constitutional reforms after he failed to join the European Union.

The political expert said a Hebrew, Arab, Turkish front will be formed in the future in which Erdogan seeks to gain budge from the Persian Gulf littoral states and to give Israel a toehold in the region.

“The region will be witness to more tension as Erdogan would seek to play a substantial role in the Middle East structure,” he said.

The expert however cautioned about the effects of the constitutional changes, adding the region would face newer crises if Erdogan succeeds to carry out his dreams.


Qods News Agency

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