Friday 17 January 2020

Int'l community follows double standard in Syria

Iranian university professor, Mohammad Sadeq Koushki says the international community follows a double standard as it condemns a suspected chemical attack in Syria’s Idlib while it closes eyes to the bloodshed of dozens of children in Syria’s Foua and Kafaria that took place a few days ago.

Koushki says the Western states treat the Syrian developments in a way as if certain populations in Syria may be allowed to be murdered while certain others who are associated with those whom they support must not be killed.

“The sole guilt of those children murdered in Foua and Kafaria was that they were Shia; it seems as if only those whom they approve have the right to live,” Koushki told the Qods News Agency (Qodsna).

The university professor said the Trump Administration pursue destabilizing scenarios in the region in a bid to create a margin of security for Israel.

Koushki suggested that the western scenario was pushing the region towards chaos and disintegration.


Qods News Agency

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