Friday 17 January 2020

Israel would rather not repeat failed experience of Lebanon

Former Iranian ambassador to Syria says Israel seeks to make it a norm to violate the Syrian airspace through occasional airstrikes on the country.

Mohammad Reza Raouf Sheibani added that Israel also seeks to send a consolation and supportive message to terror groups in Syria through such airstrikes that occurred last week but were repelled by the Syrian air defense.

The senior diplomat added however that such moves would eventually prove debilitative for Israel, adding Israel would rather take lesson from its invasion of Lebanon.

“Israel had better not repeat its failed experience in Lebanon,” he told the Qods News Agency (Qodsna).

The former ambassador said Syria will gradually restore its defensive power to encounter the Israeli aerial attacks.

Sheibani also suggested that Syria may soon gain the power to move to liberate its occupied areas of Golan Heights.

Touching on the Israeli airstrikes, the former ambassador regretted that the Arab League had taken reticence over the Israeli attack on an Arab state, adding however that the Syrian response came in compliance with the international norms and may expand in case of future attacks.


Qods News Agency

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