Friday 17 January 2020

Western officials have bias over Palestine

Lebanese analyst, Ghaleb GHandil says the very presence of representatives from 80 countries in the sixth international conference in support of the Palestinian intifada was exceptional and helped the conference to largely meet its goals in the regional public opinion and beyond.

Speaking to the Qods News Agency (Qodsna), Ghandil thanked the Islamic Republic for staging the conference despite the current upheavals in the region, adding many regional states have started to normalize their ties with Israel in fear of a gloomy future.

"The Iranian conference was actually a move to rectify the trend by refocusing the attention on the Palestinian issue," he said.

The Lebanese analyst added however that word must be combined with action so that the resolutions of the conference are put to work.

Ghandil was then asked about an Iranian offer to stage a referendum over the fate of Palestine in which all original Palestinians, including Muslims, Christians and Jews.

The analyst welcomed the offer and said it would reveal the true face of the western states which claim to profess democracy.

Ghandil called it surprising that the western authorities perpetually talk about ballot in Syria however they keep reticence when it comes to the case of Palestine.


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