Friday 17 January 2020

UN resolution, watershed in Palestinian issue

An Iranian expert in regional affairs says the UN vote against the Israeli settlements showed that the cost of supporting Israel has become too high for the west, even the US to afford.

Mossayeb Naimi told the Qods News Agency (Qodsna) that the west imposed the entity of Israel on the region however Israel followed a transgressive policy.

The expert noted that Israel no longer could provide solutions to the western problems in the region and for the same reason it is no longer cost-effective for the west to offer Israel an unconditional support.

Naimi called the UN resolution a watershed in the Palestinian issue, adding that the very fact that 14 countries who were traditional supporters of Israel vote against it was a turning point in the contemporary history.

"Westerners offered Israel the 1948-occupied lands however the occupiers have already moved to occupy the rest of Palestine," Naimi said, adding that even a US failure to veto the resolution would have translate into a positive vote to the resolution.


Qods News Agency

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