Friday 28 February 2020

51-day war manifested Palestinian invincibility

Tehran University professor, Sadeq Koushki says the 2014 Israeli war on Gaza helped Palestinians to abandon guerrilla war methods and dispense their battle into several fields, including rocket attacks, hand-to-hand fighting and even marine war.

“The Palestinian resistance showed up in the form of an asymmetrical army rather than a guerrilla group,” he said.

“That was a watershed,” he said.

The political analyst noted the Gaza war took place across the most populous area of the world, adding the Palestinian resistance proved its capacity by standing against all sorts of pressures and aggressions.

“The area was under unconventional phosphorous bombs and copter attacks for over 50 days. They endured and stood against the odds or calculations of any wisdom. This shows the power of religious and faith,” he said.

“The war also showed how Islam may have the capacity to have the Palestinians united,” he said.


Qods News Agency

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