Friday 28 February 2020

Palestinians got advance in armed resistance by own efforts

Spanish thinker, Manuel Galianan Ros says one would rather not expect the international community to press the Zionist regime over the Gaza ruins and to pave the way for its reconstruction.

Ros was answering questions by the Qods News Agency (Qodsna) through email.

Ros however noted that the Palestinians could noticeably improve their armed resistance capabilities during the last Gaza war, “even if the Israeli hammering was also especially inhuman.”

“This improvement is without any doubt due to their own personal efforts and organization as well as having received more advanced supplies in defense equipment from some friendly country in the area which could be considered as a regional power.”

 Asked about Turley’s ties with Israel and whether Israel’s malicious intention would damage the region through their mutual agreement, Ros said Israel´s intentions are always guided by their own interests.

“Neither Israel nor Turkey are to be trusted at all,” he said,


Qods News Agency

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