Monday 25 May 2020

Regional conflicts stem from Western-Israeli alliance

Iranian expert in regional affairs, Hossein Kanani Moqaddam says the current conflicts in the region stem from an ominous alliance between the West and Israel.

Kanani Moqaddam was answering questions by the Qods News Agency (Qodsna) in Tehran.

The analyst said the international Zionism was at work in the region and seeks to grab the Muslim lands extending from Nile to Euphrates before handing them to Israel.

The analyst added however that the recent wars in the region, namely the wars on Gaza and the 2006 war on Lebanon showed the regional populations no longer are ready to live under the humiliation of Israeli existence.

Kanani Moqaddam who was speaking on the anniversary of the 2014 war on Gaza said the Israeli scheme in the war followed the US-developed Warner Circles theory in which an invading force targets pure civilian centers in order to reach military gains.

The analyst said Israel however could not reach its original goals only to be further exposed in the international scene as a child-killer regime.


Qods News Agency

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