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Gaza, backseat issue due to ISIS scourge

Swiss historian, Adrian Krieg says the west considers the besieged Gaza as a low key issue in the international scene amid the ISIS terror scourge.

Krieg was answering questions by the Qods News Agency (Qodsna) through email.

“In light of the terrorist attacks in Nice the entire West is involved in a discussion of means to curtail any further Caliphate attacks, Gaza has been placed on the back burner,” he wrote.

Krieg believed that the Gaza people must “relentlessly speak about Israeli aggression and colonialization of the West Bank and Gaza in a bid to get the attention of the international community.

“Use colonialization continuously, is has strong effect in the West. Hold massive funerals so large that they cannot be ignored. Involve women, point out water shortages due to Israeli actions, parade victims with injuries from Israeli attacks.”