Sunday 20 September 2020

Int’l community indifferent towards human catastrophe in Gaza

American political analyst, Stephen Lendman says a humanitarian catastrophe is underway in the besieged Gaza that is largely ignored by the international community, adding the community supports Israel’s worst crimes one-sidedly.

Lendman was answering Qodsna’s questions by email.

“Initiatives like BDS, other worldwide supportive activism and Palestinian resistance represent the only hope for eventual liberation” of Palestine, Lendman said, adding world leaders are indifferent to the rights of ordinary people and therefore do not reserve Palestinian reliance.

Lendman however believed in “sustained grassroots nonviolent resistance” as “the best chance of eventually succeeding”.

“Outrageous US and Israeli wrongdoing can’t last forever. Criminal regimes sow the seeds of their own undoing,” he wrote, adding “it’s just a matter of time before America and its nefarious partnership with Israel and NATO go the way of earlier evil alliances.”

Asked about Turkey’s normalization with Israel, Lendman said the agreement changed nothing fundamental.

“Gaza’s blockade remains in place despite Ankara claiming otherwise.”


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