Sunday 20 September 2020

Iranian people express support to Palestinian people

Participants in Tehran rallies for the international day of Quds have expressed their support to the innocent Palestinian nation until the full liberation of Palestine from the claws of the Zionist regime.

They were speaking to the Qods News Agency (Qodsna) on the sidelines of the massive rallies in Tehran on Friday.

Zeinab Davoudi, a 25-year-old university student said it was a religious undertaking to join the rallies, adding the Zionist regime will only reap destruction out of its oppression against the Palestinian nation.

A 28-year-old housewife, Sayyedeh Mariam Mousavi said the day of Quds serves as an occasion for the Muslim people worldwide to express their support to the innocent Palestinian people.

A 58-year-old war veteran, Mr. Rahmani said he joined the rallies “so as to tell the Palestinian nation we never abandon you.”

40-year-old member of academy board, Hoda Khaledi said the international occasion belongs to any awakened individual who seeks to revive truth.

54-year-old social worker, Majid Daneshvar Moalemi said the international occasion was fateful for the Muslim community, adding those who tread the line of falsehood will be removed eventually.

11-year-old school student, Reyhaneh Tajdivand said it was the least undertaking for anyone to join the rallies in support of the Palestinian nation.

An, 10-year-old school student, Nazanin Fatemeh Mohammadi said everyone must support the Palestinian nation because they are wronged and innocent.

Seminary student, Mohammad Ali Najafi said the day of Quds was an occasion for people to make their voice against Israel heard worldwide.

University student, Mr. Hosseini said Iranians join the rallies so as to express the hope that Israel would be ruined eventually and Palestine would be restored to its people.

Deputy Nationwide Media Basij organization, Zakaria Nikouyi said Iranians will support any innocent people in any point of the world, adding the day of Quds was an occasion to express the solidarity.

13-yrear-old school student, Mohadese Tasvieh said she has joined the rallies in order to vent her anger at Israel and show support for the Palestinian nation.


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